How to Use Wild Growth Hair Oil

The most common problem we are facing in today’s day and age is hair loss, which affects one third of the population worldwide. Hair is one of the most important parts in our body as it is connected with beauty in women and masculinity in men. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that everyone no matter what age desires healthier and shinier hair with fewer efforts. One easy solution for all such problems is wild growth hair oil. Instead of using that entire expensive vitamin based shampoo and conditioners, wild growth hair oil is an affordable medium to add in your hair routine.

What Is Wild Growth Hair Oil?

Wild growth as a company has been in the market for 33 years and is responsible for helping millions of happy customers. A wide range of products has been provided by them. One product is wild growth hair oil. Wild growth hair oil is an effective and affordable formula for all your hair fall related problems. It can be used for rejuvenation and nourishment of your hair as well as scalp. Its conditioning quality makes your hair softer and less fragile. Most of the hair loss happens while combing tangled hair, in which wild growth hair oil comes in and saves the day. It can help with detangling hair while causing less breaking and splitting hair ends.

What Ingredients are used in this oil?

Wild growth hair oil is made of all natural ingredients which make it suitable for all types of hair such as straight, wavy, curly, long etc. It contains natural plant-based ingredients which hydrates and conditions for more manageable hair throughout the day. Ingredients such as:

  • Olive oil
  • Calcium
  • Coconut oil
  • Jojoba oil
  • Vitamin D
  • Phosphorus
  • Iron
  • Magnesium 
  • Added fragrance and color are main elements of wild growth hair oil.

The main ingredients that are responsible for making this product a hit for all hair types are the three plant-based elements coconut oil, olive oil and jojoba oil. These elements are responsible to make your hair look fuller and strengthen it.

Jojoba oil

The presence of jojoba oil helps the product in preventing hair breakage and strengthens the locks. It also reduces dryness in scalp and dandruff problems which is one of the major reasons for hair loss.

Olive oil

Olive oil’s antioxidant qualities help the product in maintaining good health of your scalp and hair. It improves hair quality by nourishing and conditioning the scalp and at the same time it protects hair from cell damage

Coconut oil 

Coconut oil assists you in abbreviating  protein-loss from your hair. It stimulates hair growth and treats dry and damaged hair naturally. We all know it is a natural conditioner and an effective way to reduce dandruff.Other ingredients such as vitamin D are responsible for formation of new hair follicles. The new hair is developed from the Hair follicles. New follicles aid hair maintains density and prevents existing hair from breaking out prematurely. When all these uncompromisingly plant-based tested ingredients mix together it makes your hair healthier, stronger and reduces the chances of breakage and split ends. It helps you get those long luscious hairs everyone dreams about. 

wild growth hair oil

How does oil work?

Wild Growth Hair Oil is used with Wild Growth Light Oil Moisture which makes a maximum reaction for hair growth. The moisturizer reduces the stickiness and heaviness produced by the hair oil. Shaking it well before using it gives the best result. The amount of oil used is always based on your hair type and length. We should only use required amounts as it can leave your Scalp oily and greasy if overused which looks unattractive. The best part about having plant based elements is that anyone can use it even at an early age. Using it at an early age can help you prevent a lot of hair issues you have to face later. Now we know how it works. 

When to use it?

As we know that so many products which claim to help with hair problems are themselves responsible as it contains chemicals and toxins which create damage. This oil creates a protective shield to prevent the harm caused by chemicals, hair colors, straightening iron and blow dryers. Because of its natural ingredients it is very easy to use and a reliable and affordable product for all the hair types and textures. It is very hustle free as we don’t need anything additional while using this oil. Whole process is simple and effortless. Just taking a few drops and massaging it on your scalp and leaving it on for overnight or few hours is recommended. It will be great if you use it twice a week.

The Way to Utilize Wild Growth Hair Oil?

Let’s talk bit by bit how you can use the oil. We will also discuss various hair textures and styles. Just little droplets will be sufficient to get that long, luscious, and beautiful hair you always wished for.

Step 1

  • Break your hair into 4 parts utilizing your comb.
  • Shake the bottle properly before using the oil. 
  • Place between 5 and 30 drops of it in your palm and distribute evenly through the soaked hair and on the scalp.
  • Use around 10 drops if you have hair 4 inches or less.
  • Use 15 drops precisely to your scalp if your hair is thin and oily.
  • Each section of hair should be used with just 20 drops

Step 2

  • Let the scalp absorb for 3 to 5 minutes.
  • You can use a brush or comb in your hair to spread it evenly on your scalp. Then you can blow-dry or plait your hair, or let it rest under a dryer.

Step 3

  • Let’s understand how it performs on various hair textures and types here.
  • Apply 20 drops of wild growth hair oil to your hair.
  • Softly brush and groom your hair or untangle and then plait the oiled hair.
  • Once plaited, you can apply the oil properly on the roots.
  • As a protective style, you can leave the braid on or you can unbraid and brush your hair properly, braid again and then use a blow dryer at moderate temperature.
wild growth hair oil

For prominently non-African hair texture, you can select from two options.

One option is to use around 5 and 20 drops of the hair oil from your finger tips throughout the complete towel dried or wet hair and scalp, and keep on brushing through all the sections for 3-5 minutes up till your hair is dry. Another way is to use between 5 and 20 droplets, and then by using any drying method to take out water from your hair, for example blow drying. Keep in mind that you have to copy instructions that are written in the product labels. Give close reading and consideration to the various uses instructed by hair quality types. Follow the following instructions:

  • Use it gently on the hair once.
  • One week second- Use it gently on your whole hair two times.
  • On third week – Apply the oil on your hair 3 times
  • On the fourth week You will see the reaction of your hair toward the product, and you can understand the benefits of using this oil practically. You can modify the density and portion of the oil in a way you find appropriate for your hair. Continuous applying of moisture is necessary for hair. 

The reviews and results are satisfying 

We can say that the product is successfully providing what it promises to their customers. It’s visible in all the positive reviews and feedback given by the consumers themselves. Most people who have used wild growth hair oil have reported softer, shinier and strengthened hair. The natural ingredients made their hair manageable and repaired the damage in a very short period of time. And because of its affordability and easy accessibility it’s more hit among the people worldwide facing hair loss problems.

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