How to Remove Splat Hair Dye

Hair dyes are no more used only for covering grey hair and restoring the natural hair color you want, as during earlier times where women, as well as men, used to cover their greys to look younger. But now, by breaking all the stereotypes when hair dyes are not just available in natural hair colors but in a wide range of color options that are available in the market as a new trendsetter for the people of all age groups.

Splat hair dyes offer you the range of all the vibrant colors that you can imagine and work as the best way to express yourself.

Method instructions

  1. Cover your back and neck with an old towel or paper
  2. Wear gloves to prevent stains on your hand 
  3. Pour bleach content into the oxide bottle given along with the color kit
  4. Shake bleach well as per the instructions given
  5. Divide your hair into small sections for better application 
  6. Start applying bleach over hair with maintaining ¼ finger distance from the scalp
  7. If you feel any sort of irritation then immediately rinse it over, you might be allergic to it.
  8. Start applying the bleach all over your hair by covering all the sections
  9. Leave your hair to let the bleach dry off but make sure in less than 30 minutes
  10. Your hair is blonde now and ready to be colored as per your wish
  11. Apply petroleum jelly or vaseline all over your skin to make them protected from being exposed to color and prevent from staining
  12. Mix the color in the bottle thoroughly before its application
  13. Apply the color in a similar manner by dividing it into small sections
  14. Leave it for 30-40 minutes 
  15. Your hair is now colored and you are all set to flaunt them.


  • Splat hair dyes are formed in such a way that it causes the least damage to your hair
  • It lasts up to six weeks, which can be considered as semi-permanent hair color that is more than any other hair dye.
  • It is very affordable
  • It even helps you to express yourself to the fullest with its wide range of vibrant colors that suits your personality
  • Easy to apply


  • All the steps are instructions should be followed strictly for the best results
  • Bleach should be applied only to the person with no allergies
  • It runs and stains a lot
  • Difficult to remove its stains leftover your exposed skin

Removal of hair dye 

Splat hair dyes give you an affordable, wide range of options that can help you to get eye-catching hair colors very easily even without visiting any professional or stylist.

But it even happens sometimes that you make your mind to remove it either by not liking it or by getting bored.

So there are three ways to emove slat hair dye, which are :

  1. Washing with vitamin C

As we know that vitamin C is a very strong and effective source of removing the stains and spots from our skin, it is often used in many products like cream, face wash, etc to make it more clear by removal of dark spots without causing any sort of side effect.

So, for removing the splat hair dye you can use Vitamin C by using its tablets.

These tablets can be crushed into a fine powder by putting in a plastic bag and hitting it constantly by any hard stuff like a hammer .

This powder can later be mix with ¼ or ½ cup of anti-dandruff shampoo and applied all over the area from where you want to remove splay dye color.

After massaging the mixture well, you can leave it for an hour and later rinse it for about 5 minutes with hot water.

If the color is not removed completely yet, you can repeat the whole process several times by doing it once in a day over the period of time.

  1. Bleaching your hair 

For this method, you have to purchase a bleaching kit from any cosmetic or drug store. As bleach is a very strong product that can even leave any side effect on your skin so it is advisable that you should cover your skin that can be exposed during the application process.

You can cover your hands while wearing a latex glove and your neck by using any old towel available at your home.

Later you apply the bleach similarly as you did earlier during the application of hair dye.

This is not helpful to you only to blonde your hair for new hair color but can also be used to remove any other hair color that you don’t want anymore.

But in both cases, you have to follow all the instructions given by the manufacturer to avoid any mishap and harmful effect.

After the application time duration of leaving over the bleach is also to be kept in mind as it should not exceed more than 60 minutes at any cost.

After 60 minutes or as per the time prescribed on the pack or expert, you can wash it off your hair. After washing if the color is still left then you can repeat the whole process but only for the part where it is necessary now, after covering the rest away with the help of clips or any sort of coverage.  

  1. Hair color removal

Just like hair coloring kits, there are many hair color removal kits available in the market, which are widely used by many people for the purpose of removing the color out of their hair. It will be best if you use the same brand hair color removal similar to the hair dye.

Hair color removal is not similar to bleach as it fades the hair color to a few shades that make it easy for you to give your hair a new eye-catching color.

Before applying it you should cover your hands, neck, and skin with the help of gloves and old clothes that you won’t mind if they get dirty or any kind of stains. After that, you can divide your hair into small sections with the help of comp and clips.

Apply the solution over your hair and saturate with your hands after wearing gloves, after applying it all over your hair, you can wear a plastic cap and leave it over for an hour.

After 60 minutes you can rinse your hair completely by using a shampoo and conditioner.

Your hair color is now removed and you can apply new color as per your wish.


Slat hair dyes are a new way to style are transform your hair and help you to flaunt in the exact way you want, they are affordable, easy to apply, and available in a good range to be chosen by you. But, along with the eye-catching hair color, you should also follow all the steps and instructions thoroughly to get the best effects and avoid any harmful ones. Along with the application of color there often sometimes when people are willing to remove the existing color on their hair and want to try something new, even for this there are some methods that can help them to do so.

But these methods do require proper care and attention to be followed.

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